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Jeanette White,  Coach

About Jeanette


I’m Jeanette White. Founder of Rise Life Coaching. I help women in transition overcome self doubt and overwhelm and gain the clarity, confidence and courage to do bigger, more amazing things in their lives.

Having had multiple, very diverse careers spanning 35 years, AND having lived in 14 places in Australia and North America, I know a thing or two about navigating change!

Many women reach a stage in life when they start to question their life’s purpose. Often there is a catalytic event- a death, a child leaving home, a health scare or something else that invites us to look again at our life direction. This may present as a deep inner longing, a restlessness or a fascination with an idea that just won’t go away. You may feel the tide turning and feel a craving for change.

If this is you, then you are not alone. You may not know what you want, but you know that you want more- to be more; to give more; to have more contentment and joy in your life; to be more of the person you have the potential to be. I can help you explore the “what’s next” in your life.

Jeanette White Coach

My Story

Around 10 years ago, I hit a low point in my life. I had left my profession as a rural Veterinarian and was working part time in program management, studying Human Resource Management and raising two teenage boys with my husband Andrew. My father died suddenly from a stroke, six months after my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My brother and sister were both experiencing life changing events. Everyone needed me to be the strong one. Crash. It all came tumbling down. Overwhelm was my constant companion. Joy left the building.

It was then that I first experienced the power of coaching.  I reached out for support which included weekly coaching sessions amongst other strategies. I realised during one particularly challenging coaching session, that my capacity to know what I wanted and to see a brighter future for myself had dwindled. I had an excellent coach who created a safe space for me to explore what I really wanted, and discover the limiting thoughts were that were holding me back. My life gradually changed for the better, despite the ongoing sadness that I was experiencing in my family.

In 2017, I realised a dream to take a group of women to explore the wilderness of Montana, USA, learning horsemanship skills from the ranchers, and rediscovering themselves through their relationship with horses. We hiked in the mountains and told stories around the campfire. This trip had been the whisper in my soul.

Since then I have travelled back to the USA and Canada to further my own horsemanship and hike in the wilderness, and I’ve wandered across Europe with my husband and a backpack.

The last few years have been a journey of rediscovery and awakening. Of all the changes that I have navigated in my life, the deep inner change in myself has been the most profound.

So…..I understand how difficult and disheartening it is to lose your way and wish you could do bigger, more amazing things with your life but to lack the confidence, self belief, and support, and in my case,  the courage and hope to make this happen for yourself.

My negative self talk was keeping me small and frustrated. My previous experiences had taught me that it’s safer and more comfortable to stay small; to go with the flow.

This is what motivates me every day to acompanãr* women on their very own journey. I want your life to change forever, whatever that looks like to you, just as mine did. My journey will never end, and  I can help you get yours started, just as my coach did for me.

Since launching my coaching business in 2020, my life has become even more colourful, vibrant and rewarding as I help women just like you to take action for a better future.

*Acompanãr = To walk beside

A little more of my story…

Change does not come easily to many women. Despite the many changes I have experienced in my life, change still doesn’t come easily to me either. What I know is that you can’t grow when you stay in my comfort zone and change is inevitable. It’s better to be in the driver’s seat of your life, than hanging around in the back seat!

The many different things I have done in my life have led me to where I am today. I’m a coach, and I created Rise Life Coaching so that I can help women just like you, and now I do what I love doing, every day. Having experienced the power of personal development and coaching over the last 10 years, I know firsthand how life- changing coaching can be. 

Along with being a coach, I’m a skilled facilitator and trainer and love working with groups of people, both through group facilitation and designing and delivering workshops.

I am obsessed with horses, holding space for women and hiking in beautiful places. When I’m not coaching, I’m delivering training and providing facilitation, and training my (once wild) Australian Brumby horse (or learning  how to be a better horseperson).

It’s my dream to be able to support women like you to step into your power, navigate change and leave the self-doubt behind, so that you can reach your full potential. The world needs you, in all your glory. I’ve truly got your back on this one.

“Jeanette helped me to surge ahead, feeling inspired to make the changes needed in my life!” Jen

Work with me

jeanette white, Coach

“Coaches don’t tell you what to do; they help you to think things through.”

Sometimes we get a little stuck in life; our mind can be filled with 1000 voices, all talking at once. I can help you cut through the noise, notice what’s important to you and support you to ditch the junk and find the gems. Sometimes a good friend can help you do this. Coaches are expert at it!

Coaching with me will help you gain the insight to live a life full of purpose, where your behaviours match your values, and your past doesn’t get in the way of your future. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start soon!


Jeanette White

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