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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Barack Obama.

Ready for a change? Here are a few short tips to help you succeed!

Research shows that you will be more likely to make successful changes if you have spent time thinking about your aims. Your aims are what you want to achieve and I would take this one step further and ask yourself why you want to make this change. Dig really deep and go beneath the obvious answers. Think also about what would happen if you decide not to make the change. How will that feel? 

By weighing up the advantages and disadvantages, and planning how you will carry out the changes, you are already moving yourself closer to making changes. We call these “pre-change activities”. 

To move closer to change:

  • Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages
  • Plan your strategy
  • Decide when, where and how you are going to achieve your aims. 

One reason many people fail to make changes in their lives is because they try to do too much too quickly. The change is unsustainable. 

Try to make just one small change in a couple of areas of your life eg. your morning routine, what you read this week, your eating habits, what time you get up each morning. Is there something you have been putting off doing? Perhaps you could spend 10 minutes per day for the next week doing that thing. Who knows where it might lead!

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.” Leo Tolstoy. 

Written by

Jeanette White


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